Wednesday, July 8, 2015

100 million unique chemical substances registered in CAS database

This year marks the 50th anniversary of CAS Registry and also the 100 Millionth CAS Registry Number. CAS Registry is world’s largest database of unique chemical substances. It identifies each chemical substances with a specific CAS registry number, index name, and graphic representation of its chemical structure. Information in CAS Registry about the many different types of substances includes: synonyms, molecular formulas, ring analysis data, structure diagrams, experimental and predicted property data, and literature references.

Substances included in CAS Registry are from journal articles, patents, chemical catalogs, and reputable web sources from the early 1800s to present. Organic chemicals with MW<1000 are dominant in CAS Registry. In addition to organic chemicals, CAS Registry also include alloys, coordination compounds, minerals, mixtures, polymers, salts, sequences, organometallics, proteins, and inorganic substances.

As chemical innovation continues at the current pace, it is expected chemical substances in CAS REGISTRY in 50 years would be more than 650 million. and the number would be significant higher with the past growth trajectory.

Such large number and fast increasing of chemical substances require high-throughput approaches be applied for hazard and risk assessment and chemical management.

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